Kentucky's Stonehenge!

Yesterday we went on a little drive to see something we had heard about, Kentucky's very own Stonehenge! We weren't sure quite what to expect, but it was really unique and awesome. The boys loved it, too!

When we got to Munfordville, KY, we learned that a local artist literally searched over 1,000 acres of land nearby to find all of the rocks to create amazing displays on his land. (It must have taken him forever!!) Not only is there a small "Stonehenge" replica, but there are other rock art formations as well, like one called "The Garden of Gethsemane," and a giant area called the "Rock Gardens." So amazing!

We love finding gems like this nearby. Its so fun to get out and explore, and to share cool places like this with the kids!

We talked to the kids about the real Stonehenge in the UK as we drove to the miniature version, and they were fascinated. It made us really want to take a family trip overseas to see it!

Bucket list item, for sure.
^I thought this replica would be pretty small, so I was surprised at how big it really was! The stones were massive.^

As we wandered around the other rock formations, Camden and Holland found a rock shaped like a foam finger. So naturally, they had to do the foam finger pose. Haha! They were cracking up over it.
^Sweetest ever.^

There were several carved rock statues around the grounds, and the kids were enthralled with them.

So many of the statues reminded me of the ones we'd see in the parks in Belgium (here and here!).
They just have such a European feel! It made me want to go back to visit.
^Copying the statue. Haha! He's a goober.^

Then I forced Cam to take pictures with me.

He obviously loved it.
^So squishable!^
^They are nuts.^

We made our way over to the Gethsemane area, and it was a really neat display. It was crazy to me that the artist chiseled the cross out of solid rock. He also etched the ten commandments onto two stones, just like in the bible. So incredible!
^The Ten Commandments^

Then I took some photos of my cute guys.

Because holy cow, I love them. And even though it was 99 degrees with 99 percent humidity, they still humored me and smiled for a couple of pictures. (That's how I know they love me.)
^Love this little bean.^

What an awesome find in our little corner of Kentucky! 

If you are ever in the area, this place is worth a visit. 
(Find more info on the official website, here!)

Here's to more adventuring this summer! 

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