Last bits of Belgium...

I thought I would do one last catch-up post with our final days in Belgium.
Bear with me...there are going to be a lot of them!
(...and they are pretty random...not to mention like six months late. Oh well!)

Here goes!

This is the group that Jordan worked with for his internship, 
at a NGO called Human Rights Without Frontiers.
They invited me and Bost to come and eat cake for Jordan's last day there.

As you can see, Bost was thrilled to be there.

Here is Jord, standing outside his work building!

Jord took the camera out on his last day heading to a meeting at the 
EU Parliament Building, and he got some gorgeous shots of Brussels!
He is quite the photographer. :-)

Check out this giant modern art sculpture he saw.
Is that crazy or what?

And now... onto Thanksgiving!
(I know, I know, its almost Easter. Whoops!)
We had a small, makeshift Thanksgiving with our little family, 
and it was really fun!
Even though we had to improvise on some of the food items,
(a tiny turkey was fifty bucks...no thanks!) it turned out super yummy.

That little cheeser face...he is such a ham!

We even found something like Martinelli's sparkling cider to celebrate the holiday,
so we were excited!
It was called "Happy Kids"--
I guess they aren't used to the Mormon-version of party drinks! :-)

Bost was a huge fan of the mashed potatoes...

...as you can see. Haha!
That kid can sure make a mess!

You've gotta love the nakie-wipe-down after dinner.
Bost is a master at getting food into all of his chubby creases!

I thought I would document how we got to church every week, just for fun!
First, we walked about ten minutes to the metro, 
then we rode it for about 20 minutes.

Then we had about a five minute walk to the church building,
which was in a three-story building.
It really wasn't a bad commute!
We loved the diversity of our ward.
There were people there that spoke French, Spanish, Tagalog, English, and more!

Jord took some pictures of his last day of work at the EU Parliament.
He got to go to conferences and meetings there all the time, 
which is pretty awesome!

What a handsome guy I married. :-)

We met some great people in our ward in Belgium, 
and one of the families we hung out with a couple of times was the Issacs.
Their daughter, Brooklyn, was just older than Bost, 
so they loved playing together!

And lastly...
Jord came home from work one day and said,
"Babe, they have the weridest toilet paper at my work. It has words on it and stuff!"

So naturally, I made him steal some and bring it home.
I was dying when I saw it.
I wish America had toilet paper like this!!

And on that note, 
we are finally done with the Belgium pictures!
Hats off to you if you made it through this beastly post. :-)

We had a great time in Belgium.
It was such an amazing opportunity for us, 
and we hope to go back again someday!

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