A Mormon Melting Pot

For your viewing pleasure we've decided to be better about breaking up our posts and serving them to you in chunks throughout the week rather than the whole drinking from a fire hose idea.

We take 2 metros and walk 20 minutes for a grand total of an hour and a half travel time to arrive. . . . . .

at this lovely property perched in this lovely-slash-sketchy alleyway.

The intense barbed-wire makes you seriously question the "Visitors Welcome" sign by the door.

We attend the Moscow International Branch and we LOVE it. Our branch is a huge Mormon melting pot stew consisting of a German branch president (who is hilarious and awesome), women from the Philippines, a family from Columbia, families from the US of A, and men from over 10 different African nations. A little bit different from from the wards we're used to back in Utah County, but we love it. We have so much fun.

The Church is true no matter where you go.


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