some GREAT news!

Guess what?
We have some exciting news!
We just found out that Jordan got accepted into 
an AMAZING internship that he applied for.
We have been crossing our fingers for a while now
that he would get it, 
and he DID!
What a cool (and smart) husband I have!

Now we get to start preparing for the fun part!
We get to move in the the fall
and experience another place,
and we couldn't be more excited.

any guesses as to where this adventure will be?

Here are some hints:
(in food form, of course)



Feel free to leave us a comment 
and tell us your guess!
And hey, if you guess it right,
you win a big, open-mouthed,
 kiss full of slobber
from Bost.


  1. France or Italy! I would be jealous of both!! AH! I'm dying to know.

  2. France.... I shouldn't be surprised that you are still going to travel all over the world! I'm envious even if it isn't France.

  3. Italy? Belgium? Or the U.K? When and where?