By the time Sunday rolled around we were so exhausted we started losing steam the second we left the apartment. We took the metro out to see the Chernobyl Museum only to find out that everything closes on Sundays. . . . .

Except for the only Mexican Restaurant this side of the Iron Curtain!

We take this time now to illustrate the difference in portion sizes between the US and Russia. On the left we find an average sized glass for any restaurant in America. On the right is the one and only size of glass found in the old SSSR. God bless America.

We've also heard some interesting stereotypes about Americans from the Russians that help us around the city on weekends.

1. (Speaking about being quiet in our Kiev apartment/hotel room) "Now, I know that you Americans are very emotional people, but you really need to keep quiet at night as to not disturb your neighbors."

2. (After being asked by Kels if she wanted to eat dinner with us, our Russian guide replied) "No. I'm not American."

Well, there you have it folks. We're all a bunch of over-eating cry-babies:)

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  1. the glasses are the same in Australia. God Bless America