Here are some pictures from our fun times in Finland! This first picture is Jord and I by a monument to a famous Finnish Composer. It was a floating organ. Pretty cool!

Finland is supposedly the birthplace of Santa Clause, so there were tons of little Santa trinkets everywhere!
Me by a little creeper ewok. I have no idea. haha.
This is the largest and most famous cathedral in Helsinki, the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Lutheran Square. It was huge!

We got to take a cruise ship over the ocean from Helsinki to Stockholm, and then back from Stockholm to Helsinki! The ship was awesome! The only bummer thing was that the food wasn't free... and that our cabin was below the cargo deck. Kind of sketchy, but way fun!

I made him. :-)
The inside of our ship! Pretty cool! Don't mind the random pedestrians.
This is what we saw when we were pulling out of Helsinki!

Jord by the fisherman's market by the harbor in Helsinki!
I'm a creepa.

This was our favorite part of Finland. We found an all you can eat Chinese buffet... and it was AMAZING! We ate ourselves sick on chow mein and egg rolls. So yummy!

We took a bus over to the Helsinki, Finland temple! It was so cool to be able to see it!

Jord and I in front of the temple!

Me and a reindeer! They are serious about their Santa stuff here.

Ok I look like a total greaser here, but the view was amazing! This was pulling out of Finland on our way to Tallin, Estonia!

It was freezing, but so pretty!!
The first video is Jord and I in Lutheran Square. The second one us on the ship doing Karaoke! We sang in front of a bunch of old Finnish people... it was so fun!!


  1. 1: I wish I could use chop sticks like a pro
    2: I love your Karaoke video, that's awesome
    3: When I played the first video Luke was looking around trying to find who was talking, it cracked me up haha I think he misses you too :)

  2. Bless your daring hearts. I wouldn't karaoke in front of anyone if my life depended on it. Old Finlandish people or not. :)