Sweden! We love you.

We absolutely fell in LOVE with Stockholm. We decided that we could definitely live in Sweden! It was so amazing. These first few of pictures are right on the river in Stockholm!

I love that there were kayakers in the middle of the river! So cool.

My attempt at artsy.

A cool Stockholm statue in the middle of parliament square!

I thought this was another cool artsy shot... Jord just thinks its an awkward nakie baby.
Haha... I couldn't resist. :-)

There were cross-country skiers all over in Sweden! Pretty cool!

I loved all of the cute houses and narrow streets here.

We cracked up at how they differentiate girls and boys bathrooms here. Haha... at least its anatomically correct?

This is inside a really beautiful cathedral in Stockholm!

There were cute little candy stores all along the cobblestone streets. Yum!
We LOVE Sweden!!
We went to an awesome museum called the Vasa Museum while we were there. It was a giant ship from ancient times that they recovered after 300 years of being under water. It was pretty cool to see it up close!

Jord and Aunt Harriet from the 1600's.

The sunset was incredible on the river! I love this boy.

This building was really majestic and pretty! It is the museum of Sweden's history and culture.

What a beautiful place!

We found a Pizza Hut and we were in Heaven! It was amazing to eat some American food. :-)
This is the giant shopping plaza in Stockholm all lit up at night. So pretty!

Their metro stops were so cool and colorful! We felt like we were in Disneyland.

We took a train out to see the Stockholm, Sweden temple! It was so fun to get to see it, and we got to meet the temple president and his wife as well. It was awesome.

Jordbro. Gangsta whaaat?

A cool shot of the beautiful Swedish countryside and a lake from the train!

H&M (my FAVORITE store in the world) was established right here! The headquarters were here, so there were about 5 H&M's within a one block radius. I was in heaven!! Mom and Syd, I thought of you!
Kind of a creeper street performer that was painted like a statue. Weirdo.

One of the open squares in Stockholm.

We LOVED Sweden!!!
This is a video of Jmac and I when we first got to Sweden!

This video is probably my favorite of the entire trip. We were watching a marching band at the changing of the guards ceremony in Stockholm, when I realized I lost Jord in the crowd. So I panned the camera around... and caught him spot on. It cracks me up every time! haha

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  1. haha that's the best video shot you've taken of Jordan! Also, when I went to Holland and went to Amsterdam there were street performers like that everywhere I started taking a picture and video of on and suddenly he turn to me and flipped sign around that was hanging around his neck that said not pictures and no videos or something like that. oops... sorry. They didn't like our tour group and swore at us an did rude gestures so we left the area.

    p.s. who knew Noah's ark was in Sweden all this time??