Pink or Blue?

Well the results are in...

Its a BOY!!!

We are SO excited- we can't wait for our cute baby boy to be here! Here are a few cute pictures from the ultrasound!

Here is baby mac's cute profile!

Baby's lips, nose, and hand!

His little feet!

I love this one! Baby's cute little legs and feet!

We are SO excited to finally know what we are having! Yay for baby boys! :-)


  1. That's just so darn exciting, you two! I'm SOOOO happy for you! When are you due, again?

  2. So exciting! I'm happy you're having a little boy. You guys will make great parents!

  3. Yay!!! I love ultrasound pictures. Some are so obvious and others I could stare at all day and not see what it's supposed to be. How fun! So... what do I get for guessing right??? ;-)

  4. Congrats Kels! Im so excited for you! Love ya! hope your doing so well!