Boston's First Week

Boston will be a week old tomorrow. He's practically an old man! Here are a million more pictures and videos from the first week.

The many faces of Boston

Bost's hats. He obviously is a fan of them.


  1. He is way too impossibly cute for his own good. I would definitely kiss off all of that cute hair in about 10 minutes.

    How is it being a mom, Kels?!? Are you loving it? Are you sleep deprived? Are you stressin' out? Fill me in!

  2. I MISS HIM!!!!
    i love all of these pictures and videos very much!
    and i watched the videos more than once.

    i love this little guy.
    and his parents.
    peace and blessings.
    hugs and kisses.
    roses and tulips.

    boston's favorite aunt

  3. Omg, He is adorable. I love those little videos of him. Jmac is so cute with him. Kels, I can't wait to talk to you. Call me sometime when you're not tired and caught up on everything =)