Having fun with no sun.

Sometimes, when Rexburg has its not-so-warm days, 
we have to resort to making our own fun.
We are getting pretty pro at this, 
and so we thought that we would share some tips
 for your creative indoor entertainment.

Tip #1: 
Dress your 8 month old like a gangsta, and teach him the phrase:
"Whats bangin in yo' hood, son?"

Tip #2:
Head to your local Dollar Tree, 
and test out their high quality products like Body Powder.
You might consider picking up some doggy doo-doo bags,
hair-removal kits, or any other classy items you need.

Tip #3:
Put stickers all over your baby.
This might be more fun for you than it is for the child!  Haha.
(Poor Bost!) 

Luckily, Jord was a good sport and played stickers with him.
Seriously, I love that guy. :-)

Well, those tips were probably no help at all.
But hey- we had fun!  

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