Gpa Mac & New Fongs

We were lucky to have Jord's dad come up from Utah 
and visit us for a couple of days. 
It was so fun to get to spend time with him.
Bost loved all of the attention he got from Grandpa Mac!  

 We decided to try out a Rexburg classic restaurant for the occasion:  New Fongs.
It definitely reminded us of authentic Asia!
(I taught English in China, and he served a 2 year mission in Mongolia.)
With its fancy chandeliers, Christmas lights, and giant fish tank, 
I felt like I was back in China!  
It was awesome. :-)

We got some yummy potstickers, lo mein, and sweet & sour chicken.
Bost just munched on a napkin.

One of my favorite parts about Chinese food is getting a fortune cookie at the end.
Our fortunes were pretty entertaining:

Bost's fortune: "You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away."
(without us?  You can't even crawl yet, so good luck with this "journey." haha)

Jord's fortune:  "An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune."
(Whoop whoop!  Fingers crossed on this one...)

My fortune:  "Don't allow yourself to dream away time- be productive."
(Ok, ok I get it!  Facebook...blogging...pinterest...oops)

We had so much fun with you, Grandpa Mac!
Thanks for coming to visit, 
and thanks for experiencing New Fongs with us. :-)

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