Jackson Hole, pt. II

On day two of Jackson Hole, 
we had a lot of fun just perusing through the shops 
and doing some window shopping. 
It is such a unique and touristy place, 
and we loved it!

We also went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum 
to see things that were wacky, crazy, and just plain creepy.
(Like, really creepy. Shrunken heads, anyone??)
Some favorites we saw were:

the antler elk
the license plate chief
the two-headed calf
and the spinning hall

...I lied a little bit on the last one. 
That spinning hall makes me want to barf 
every time I walk through it.
I'm even feeling seasick just thinking about it!  
I'm a wimp. Haha!

We had such a good time in Jackson Hole.
We were so sad when it was time to pack up and drive home!
The drive was so pretty, though.
Lots of green trees and snow-covered mountains.

We were so sad to go home, in fact, 
that we decided we weren't done road-tripping.
We literally walked in the door, called a hotel,
made reservations in Boise, ID,
and re-packed our suitcases.
The next morning, 
we were on the road again!
Luckily, Boston was a good sport
and put up with his crazy parents.

Next up:  Pictures of our jaunt over to Boise! :-)

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  1. I am eaten up with jealousy about your fun road trips! hahahaha! Can you message me on Face-em-book or something and tell me how much your hotel was in Jackson Hole/how much you spent total? My hubs has never been and I'd love to take him there, but I'm not sure how much moola it costs. Thank ye! And DARLING PICTURES (as always!)