Jackson Hole!

Remember how I told you that we went to Jackson Hole 
for a quick in-between-semester break?
Well I finally added some pictures to prove it!
Whoop whoop!
Who cares if they are a few weeks late!  :-)

We had so much fun walking around town, 
and we had to snap the famous arch picture.
Its a classic if you go to Jackson Hole!

We stayed in a cute little cabin in Cowboy Village, 
and totally loved it! 
I would definitely recommend staying there 
if you want an authentic cowboy experience!

(Or I guess you could just camp out on a patch of dirt in an open field somewhere...
that would probably be a more authentic cowboy experience...but just go with it! haha)

Ignore the nast greasy hair on the lady in the corner...

Our favorite part about staying at Cowboy Village?
The pool!
Boston seriously had the time of his life.
It was his first time swimming,
(somewhere other than the tub)
and he was practically doing laps.
Michael Phelps style, even!
...Minus the steroids.

Ok people, I have a confession.
Some girls can go days and days without meat,
but I am not one of those ladies.
Give me a steak or some delicious pulled pork,
and I am one happy camper!

So when we saw Bubba's Bar-B-Que, 
I couldn't wait to hit it up 
for a big ol' plate of meat!
Its a local favorite, 
and now a (Kelsey) McMurtrey favorite too.

While we enjoyed our food, 
Bost mingled with the locals that we sat by.
You know, the bearded and tattooed harley davidson man,
and the table full of firemen to our left.
He is quite the social butterfly. :-)
Stay tuned for Part II of our Jackson Hole adventure!


  1. loving the hometown meat meals. mmm

    how do you still do your collages without picnik?