The big 2-3!

I am finally doing a post with birthday pics...
one month later.

Anyways, I had a great birthday!
Jord was so sweet and made it a special day for me.
He made me breakfast,
put up a cute banner,
bought me gifts, 
and took me to Texas Roadhouse. 

We stopped by The Cocoa Bean 
for some yuuuuummmmy cupcakes.
I think the sign in their store is my new motto:
"Keep Calm, and Eat A Cupcake."
Um, ok!

I got to spend the rest of my night opening presents
with my two favorite guys.
Jord got me a new crockpot!
Whoop whoop!
(So if you have any good crockpot recipes...send them my way!)

My favorite birthday present from Bost
was a big, slobbery kiss.
Thank you, Jord and Bost, 
for making my birthday a happy one!!

(And Kim, for babysitting for our date night!) 

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  1. http://chefmommy-brandao.blogspot.com/2011/03/salsa-chicken-slow-cooker.html
    Not sure if you've tried this but it is so good!!

    Glad you had a great birthday kels.