A visit from Aunt Jordan!

A couple of weeks ago,
my best friend from high school 
(who is also named Jordan)
came to visit us!
We hadn't seen her since Christmas,
so it was about time for a reunion!

Bost had so much fun with 
his "Aunt Jordan,"
and ate up all of the attention. 

We went out for dinner at the Thai place in town,
and ate waaaay too much.
And ok, the mango sticky rice...
Seriously people, it is good.

Then we left the boys to have 
a wild and crazy boys night,
which you can read all about here
Those party animals!  :-)

While the boys were at home partying the night away,
we had a girls night at the classy local Super 8.
Yes, it was as ghetto as it sounds,
and yes, it was a blast!

We had so much fun catching up,
eating a lot of chocolate,
trying to avoid the awkward front desk man,
and staying up too late laughing.

Classy pose with that iron there, Jord. Haha!

Thanks so much for coming to visit, Jord!!
We loved seeing you!
Thanks for always being such a great best friend.
Seriously, though.
You're the best!

Me and Jord in Yangshuo, China, 2008.

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  1. cute!!! so fun. and one question......wouldn't i be aunt jordan? aunt bready???????? aunt bready......... ?? hahahaha