Father's day.

This year officially marked Jord's first year as a father,
and he is such a good one!
He is such an incredible daddy for Boston.
I can probably count on one hand
the number of times Boston has said "Momma,"
but he calls every man that resembles Jord "Dat!"
Even though I am slightly jealous, 
it is so precious. 

Boston practically jumps out of his high chair 
when Jord walks in the door from work.
He loves to give his daddy big, slobbery, suction-cup kisses,
and Jord is such a good sport with him.

He loves his daddy SO much.
And I love him, too.
Happy Father's Day, Jord!

Happy Father's Day, too, Grandpas Mac and Chub!
We love you guys!!

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