those days.

Sometimes, I just have one of those days.
You know,
the days where laundry seems to grow exponentially,
and the baby seems to destroy everything in his path especially well,
and the homework seems to somehow remain undone,
and you somehow seem to feel like its 8 p.m. when it is only 12 in the afternoon?

the other day I had one of those.

And the best part was, 
at the end of the day,
I burned dinner to a crisp.
A black crispy crisp.
You think I am exaggerating?
Promise I am not.


It was nasty,
and I was about to have a meltdown.
So Jord said,
"Babe, lets just go to McDonalds."
Normally I would make some kind of gross "Plek!" noise at the suggestion
of Mickey-D's, but not that night.
It was music to my ears. 
That man knows just what I need on my rough days!!
So to McDonalds we went.


We turned it into a fun picnic at the park, 
and it was perfect.
It was just what the doctor ordered for a very rough day.
 Bost loved it too,
and even got to try his first french fry!
(Obviously we are health nut parents...Bah ha!)

He loooooooved it.

Even though our house smelled like
 burnt pot stickers for a week, 
we ended up having a great night.

Moral of the story:
Don't dis McDonalds.
Sometimes, you just need it. :-)

Boston enjoying a soggy french fry.


  1. I have days like this for sure! Tyler gets sick of pizza for months at a time so when I'm having a hard day and he says "Let's just order a pizza." That is about as close to him saying "I love you so much, sorry you had such a rough day!" as it gets. The pizza tastes pretty good those days too.

    Boston is such a cutie! I love the pictures you get of him! Where did our little newborns go?!?!?!

  2. Yes. To all of the above. Days like that are always great. . . not really. :)But thankfully, our husbands just rock our socks and save the day! And I'm laughing my head off about those pictures of Boston! What a cutie! Hopefully he doesn't turn into a McDonald's french fry maniac ;)