white men can't jump.

Sometimes, when we are bored, 
we take walks around Rexburg and entertain ourselves.
I mean Rexburg is hoppin,
but we usually have to get creative to have a little fun.

Sometimes we do really stupid things, like this.
(My husband is nuts!)

Other times, we attempt to take jumping pictures, 
and we fail.
But hey- they still turned out pretty funny!

Yep, our sweet jumps definitely need some work.
(Don't you love Jord's Irish jig in the first one?? So classic.)

On our last jaunt around town, we found the 
old local high school.
Go bobcats!

It reminded us of our good old days at AF High.
(speaking of, we went to our class reunion this past weekend... a post is soon coming about that one...)
Cavemen neva' die!

We love our little Rexburg.
Even if we have to make our own fun, 
and sometimes look like idiots in the process,
we usually end up having a blast.

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  1. I can't wait until one day I find a really awesome, hilarious, and attractive male that wants to marry me, be best friends with Jord, and join us on random town dates with you guys. I have a feeling that we will all have a lot of fun.