The Boston buzz.

Let me just put something out there.
I was OBSESSED with Boston's long beautiful hair. 
He has had tons of hair since he was a baby, and I have loved it.
I loooooved putting it in a cute little faux-hawk,
I loved how it was silky and beautiful,
basically I wanted to marry it.
(just kidding, folks)

But then I did a terrible thing.

I thought "I think its getting a little long. Maybe I should trim it."
I have trimmed it before with scissors, 
but it is super hard to cut the wiggle-worm's hair 
without almost taking out an eye four times.
So I thought I would try the clippers.

I put them on the setting that I THOUGHT would leave plenty of hair.
But when I took the first swipe down the middle of his head,
it came out a clean buzz line.

I was bawling through the entire haircut. 
Bost was looking at me with huge eyes like
"Uh, mom, are you okay?"

Lucky for me, the kid is just as adorable with short hair.
He would look cute even if he was a total baldy.
(Don't worry, though. I'm not breaking out the bic razor anytime soon.)
I am patiently waiting for alllllllllll his beautiful hair to grow back.

Now I can look back and laugh on the whole situation, 
but boy,
it was pretty traumatic.
I think Boston's face says it all in this last picture.
Thats exactly how I felt at that moment!
Oh well, you live and you learn.
I sure hope so. 
Because I don't think I can handle another accidental buzz on a future child.
One time was enough fun for me. :-)


  1. Haha I love his face in the last picture. "uh-oh!" It couldn't be more perfect! And you are right! Boston is a total cutie with short hair too!

  2. How funny! I have accidentally cut Luke's hair too short a few times too... but his hair has always been a little thin and short so it wasn't too traumatic. Try some miracle grow. :-P

  3. I did that to Paul's hair once... granted he was not a cute chubby baby, but it was about the same kind of thing! :P Good thing hair grows back

  4. He's still sooooo dang cute!

  5. Oh man. Classic! I would have done the exact same thing {goofing up and then consequently bawling through the entire ordeal}. He's still absolutely adorable!