I have a good life.

Its finals week right now.
Who invented finals week, anyway?
I'd like to give them a piece of my mind.
I would much rather be hanging out with my family than 
hanging out with Wordsworth or Faulkner...
(remind me why I am an English major again?)
but the end is in sight!
In moments of stress and chaos and trying to get homework and finals done,
sometimes something just hits me:
I am so very blessed!!
Who cares about homework?
about perfect essays?
about grades?
about showering?
(ok...maybe I should care a little more about that one)

None of that even matters.
 I want to squeeze my family tight and never let go.
They are my happiness-
they keep me going in moments of stress and worry.
They are my life.

I am the luckiest.
I know a lot of people say that, 
but I reaaalllllly am the luckiest.

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  1. yikes, i didn't know it was your finals week right now. good luck woman. and i really like the second to last picture of boston, he looks especially chubby there. so cute.