A day at the Zoo!

We decided that since Boston is loving animals these days
we should take him to the Zoo!
Even though our nearest Zoo is kind of of a tiny one, 
we figured hey -animals are animals- right?
Boston will love it just the same!

So we packed up some hoagie sandwiches,
sun-screened the little man,
(and me...why am I so pasty white??)
and headed to Tautphaus Park Zoo!

Boston was so overwhelmed- he didn't know what to do most of the time
He just kept pointing to the animals and saying "Da! Da!"
It was pretty stinking cute.

We started to realize that he may not be fully appreciating the zoo
when he wanted the plastic balls in the animals' cages 
more than he wanted to see the actual animals.
He's his father's son alright,
a sports lover through and through!

They had a petting zoo, which Boston loved!
He got up close and personal with a friendly goat,
and he was so excited!
He was grinning from ear to ear.
(Boston, not the goat.)

"Wooooowww, Impressive wing-span!"
(name that movie!)

These cute little lions reminded me of the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake.
I always loved going there as a kid, 
so it was fun to bring my own little monkey 
to the zoo for the first time!

For being a small zoo, they really did have a great variety of animals!
Boston's favorites were the monkeys.
I think he thought everything small and furry was a puppy, though.

Every time he saw a [insert small fuzzy animal here], 
he made his puppy barking noise.
It was hilarious!

By the time we saw all of the animals,
our little man was pooped.
(Speaking of, has anyone smelled a zoo lately?? Blehk!!)

We decided to call it a day and head home.
It was a great day in the sun!

It is so fun to have Boston to take on our adventures.
He makes everything so much more fun!
Thanks Tautphus Zoo, we loved you!


  1. Super cute outfit kels! Good thing we are going shopping together in August, you can help we pick out some cute clothes =)

  2. So, once upon a time, I absolutely loved you in that hat. You are so incredibly adorable, it's pretty much insane. :) Zoos are so much fun! Is Bost walking yet, or just standing? He's such a cutie!

  3. you look freaking cute! cute outfit and hat and baby and such.