Rexburg Rapids

Last summer, Rexburg opened 
its first ever pool/ waterpark!
We wanted to go during the summer months last year,
but since I was a big pregant woman
(and lacked any desire to get into a swimsuit...)
it didn't happen.

So when Rexburg Rapids opened for the summer this year,
we knew we had to hit it up!
I could kiss those rosy cheeks all day.

It was such a blast! 
Boston LOVED playing in the pool, 
and we had fun just splashing around and floating down the lazy river.

Bost loves swimming with daddy!
Look at those handsome guys.

I was super impressed with the place.
Not bad, Rexburg, not bad at all!
A pool, a lazy river, water slides, and places for the kids to play-
I think we might be hanging out here more often this summer.

We didn't hit up the slides this time around,
but maybe next time we will!
Bost said he was dying to go off the free fall slide.
(Just kidding, folks!)

We had such a fun day at the pool!
It was so nice to escape our toasty apartment, and cool off in the water.
Give me a sunny summer day and a pool,
and I am one happy camper.

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  1. Oh, cute! Boston will love looking back over these pictures when he's older!