A ride on the carousel.

At a park right by our house there is the cutest little carousel,
and so we decided one night to take Boston on it.
He definitely didn't know how to feel about it.
The lights, the horses, the music,
the round and round and 
I think it was all a bit much for him.
But he was a good sport,
and went along for the ride!

We pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves.
It was awesome!
Boston even decided to warm up to the horses after a while.
I think he liked it all much better when we weren't moving, though,
and I don't really blame him.
(Am I a wimp if I get seasick on a carousel??)

Here is a quick peak of Boston's wariness at the whole experience.
He just wasn't quite sure how to take it! :-)

Ya, he was a little bit terrified.
I love the expression on his face!

We had a lot of fun,
but I don't think we will be hitting up the carousel again anytime soon.
Not if Boston can help it, at least!


  1. He is so stinkin cute! I think Wyatt had the same feelings as Boston and the same facial expressions! haha but you gotta love new adventures!

  2. Oh man! His crazy big eyes were practically screaming, "Ahhh! Get me off of here! What is this madness?!?" Such a cutie!