a sunday walk.

We are so lucky to live within walking distance to the Rexburg temple.
I love to look at it glowing on the hill from my bedroom window at night.
It is beautiful!

We took a Sunday walk around the temple, and the flowers were in full bloom.
They were colorful and bright, and I just had to snap some photos.

Temples are so majestic. 
They are such a beacon of hope in a crazy world;
they really are a piece of heaven on earth.

I could tell you that Boston was captivated by the temple, 
and that he was a perfect angel while we are walking around it.
But that would definitely be a lie.
For most of our walk, he was screaming and throwing nana puffs everywhere.
Its a good thing he is so cute!

Check out the bunny we saw hopping around the parking lot!
When we move to Belgium
(in less than one month...eeeek!!)
the closest temple will be in the Netherlands. 
I will sure miss having one close by!

I am so grateful for temples all over the world.
Jord and I have been fortunate to travel to several temples in different countries,
and the spirit can always be felt --
no matter where they are or what language is being spoken.

I am so glad that Jord and I were married in the temple.
It has been a blessing to our little family, and has brought such peace into our lives.
I know that my family can be together forever,
and that is such an amazing promise that I cherish.
I love my family so much,
and I am grateful that temples make it possible for us to be together always.

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  1. Love those beautiful pictures! You've got talent, girl.