Does your house look like this?





If it does, you might be in the process of moving. 
(or you just really love boxes?)

Has anyone ever packed with a one year old?
Ya, it doesn't really happen. 
We like to play a game called
 "everything Mom puts in the box, I'll take it out and throw it as far as I can."
Boston loves it.
Me? Not so much.

See what I mean?
He was having a hay day with the tuna cans.

On another note,
 I think I went a little overboard on food shopping for our big move.
When Jord and I were in Russia teaching English a couple of years ago, 
there were a few American food items that we would have killed for.
Soooooo, I thought that this time around I would play it safe--
and pack every American-food-thing we could ever possibly crave while in Europe.

Think we can fit all of this into our suitcases?

And this isn't even all of it...

Sorry Bost, you're going to have to wear the same outfit for four months, 
because your suitcase space is now dedicated to food.
(Just kidding...but really though.)

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  1. I feel your pain. Graham was that same age when we packed up to move to Hong Kong. It was a long, tedious, frustrating experience. :) Excited for you guys and your next adventure! Hope your move over goes smoothly. Boston is adorable!