Last visit with the Wrights!

We had one last visit with the Wrights before we head off to Belgium.
I had all these plans to make a super yummy dinner for them...
but then I was still a little tipsy from the muscle relaxers that the dentist gave me earlier that day,
and I couldn't really even stand up straight...
let alone be near a hot stove...
(long story)
so we went with pizza instead.
Luckily the Wrights were super easy-going about my lack of dinner-making abilities, 
and we had a really fun night!

Boston love love LOVES Ashley and Drew.
He has so much fun playing with them 
and destroying their phones while he dials random numbers.
(sorry about that, guys!!)

He loved that Ashley shared her ice cream with him.
He wouldn't leave her side.
Smart boy!

I gave Ashley a present for her baby girl, 
due to debut while we are in Belgium--
(SO sad about that!)
and we decided that we needed a model to try it on.
You guessed it.
Boston was our man!
I seriously debated putting this picture up for a few reasons:
number one, my husband is going to kill me for posting a picture of our little boy dressed as a girl.
number two, when my son is 18 years old and bigger than me, he might kill me for it too.

But it is just soooo stinking funny,
so I had to post it!
(Bost, Jord, forgive me?)
I love how his face even looks ashamed in this picture.
We were dying!


Hey Wrights, 
thanks for being such good friends.
We love you guys, 
and wish you luck with your sweet little baby girl!
You will be great parents.

We will miss you!!

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  1. I love this post Kelsey! We have so much fun with you guys! You guys will have a blast in Belgium, but we will miss you too!