The birthday bash: part 1!

Before I start this MASSIVE post, 
I have to give a disclaimer:
There are about a million pictures of Boston's birthday party on here.
And I am not going to apologize. 
You know why?
Because your first kid only turns one ONCE,
so you have a right to take a million pictures and post them for the world to see.
I think that is just part of the protocol for being a first time parent.
So bear with me through this pile of pictures, 
and I will try not to bore you too much! 

We decided to throw a big party for our little man,
and boy, was it a blast!
We had plenty of food, balloons, and cake to go around.
We were lucky to have our families come up, 
minus my mom and two of my siblings (we missed you!),
and it was so fun to party with them and some of our friends!

I attempted to be crafty and make these cupcake cones,
and even though they started to get melty-melty in the (96 degree!) heat,
they still tasted yummy!

Bost loved playing with Aunt Talyn!
Luckily we had plenty of drinks to keep us from melting into puddles.
I'm pretty sure we each drank at least three, 
and we were all a little sick from sugar-carbonation-overload by the end.
But it was worth it!

Doesn't my sister have beautiful hair?? I am so jealous over here.

We loved having the Daltons and the Jarmans there to celebrate with us!
Boston loved having a little buddy to play with. :-)
While the ladies chatted in the pavillion, 
the men got a competitive game of wiffle ball going in the field.
Have I mentioned how much I love summertime??

Boston was pretty easily entertained. 
If he had a balloon in his hand, he was a happy camper!
That boy loves any kind of ball in any kind of form.

Check out those teeth!!

Luckily I had my cute sister Sydney there to help with all of the fun decorating.
The woman has talent!
(I couldn't have done it without you, Syd!!)

The decorations turned out so cute.
I couldn't have been happier!

When present time came along, 
Boston didn't quite know what to think.
He just wanted to play with the boxes at first,
but he was psyched when he realized that there were toys for him inside the boxes.
It was pretty adorable to watch him discover new presents!

Don't you love that ridiculous hat I made him wear? He wasn't a fan.
He got some of the cutest presents.
Thank you thank you everyone for spoiling him so much!!

He got so many fun things. 
He was loving the whole present idea by the end!

*Stay tuned for more pictures of the party, coming up next!*

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  1. Cute! And I was freaking out about how many teeth he has! Good grief! :) This looked like mucho fun!!