The birthday bash: part 2!

I had a lot of fun making a cake for Boston to eat destroy!
I tried to make it as blue and sprinkly and messy as possible,
but he still managed to stay fairly clean!
I was impressed.

He was completely obsessed with the balloons on the top of the cake.
He kept pointing and saying "Ba! Ba!"
It was pretty stinking cute.

He had no clue what to do when I first put the cake in front of him.
I mean, the kid gets excited when we give him a whole piece of bread,
so he had no idea why I plopped a massive blue thing in front of him and told him to go for it.
It was pretty hillarious!!

It wasn't long before blue frosting found its way from his ears to his toes...literally!
When I took the cake away from him, 
he just started picking it off his knees and diaper, and eating it.
No biggie! 
(King of nasty, but still SO cute!)

These pictures kill me. I love my little ham!
This little cheeser face he does gets me every time.
It is my favorite!

I think my favorite thing about the whole cake-eating event 
was watching the people around him filming and snapping pictures of him like paparrazi.
They must really love him or something!

Don't you love how the grandpas were matching?? So perfect.

We had such a great time celebrating with everyone.
Boston is one spoiled little man!
He is so lucky to have so many awesome people that love him in his life.
Thank you thank you to all who came!!
What a fun party to celebrate a great first year of the chubster.

I somehow didn't have a picture with the Mac family- bummer! But we love you guys all the same. :-)

Fun party.
Until next year!


  1. I am so sad we missed Boston's party! It looks like it was a blast! We love that little guy!

  2. He. Is. Absolutely. ADORABLE! I could eat him up {just like blue sprinkly cake}! LOVE the cake pictures. You should frame them or something!