When we moved to Belgium we knew we wouldn't have room 
to pack everything we wanted to bring in our suitcases.
We decided to tough it out and forgo any kind of high chair (even a tinsy collapsible one)
because it would just take up too much precious space in a suitcase!!
(my 15 pairs of shoes on the other hand...now those were necessities...jk! but seriously)

But when we go to Brussels and every meal time turned into 
"hurry and shove food in our mouths so we can wrestle Bost into his chair to eat"...
we had to improvise.

Hence, the ghetto seat strap...aka one of Jord's belts:

Actually, we've been doing A LOT of creative improvising around these parts these days.
Another example?
Just check out the food in front of Bost in the pictures above. 
We tried to get him to eat the food we were having, but I think he had enough change for one day.
("Really mom and dad? You throw off my whole sleep schedule, stick me in a foreign country and shove weird new food in front of me?? I don't think so.")
So we improvised.
He had a healthy meal of:
cocoa puffs
...and pieces of cheese.
We had to get the kid to eat, so we kind of threw the whole 
"well-balanced meal" idea out the window.
Oh well.
Annnnd the last example of the evening...
The other day I bought "ground beef" from the store for burritos.
Turns out it was sausage.
(Curse you, French and Dutch packaging labels!!) 
But, we 'rolled wit it' (gangsta whaaat?) and had sausage burritos.
Not the greatest things we have ever eaten, but definitely not the worst.

In short, I miss Boston's high chair already.
And non-sausage burritos...

[Image cred here]

But hey, we are in Europe for pete's sake.
So we are pretty happy campers--
with or without the bumbo and pork burritos.

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