The Atomium!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to venture to the other side of the city and visit 
Brussel's famous "Atomium."
It is a massive thing that looks like, well, an atom, and it was built for the world fair in the '50s.
It was pretty cool to see!
Bost loved it.
He kept pointing and saying "Ball! Ball! Ball!"
He is obsessed, I tell you!

Stinkin' cute little man.

I had a the great idea of making Jord squat down awkwardly in front of a crowd of people
and pretend like he was holding a ball.
He squatted down and moved around 
(and tried not to fall over)
while I tried to make the picture look cool, 
but we mostly just ended up failing completely and laughing our heads off.

Hey look, other people had the same idea!
I guess we could have just taken the picture standing up....
but where's the fun in that??

After we visited the Atomium, we walked across the street to see "Mini-Europe."
It is a little theme park with miniaturized versions of all of Europe's famous landmarks,
and we thought it sounded fun!
But of course, we got there about five minutes after it closed, and we were bummed...
until we saw how much it cost to get in.
($20 a person...whaaaa?? No thanks!)
So we just took a picture in front of the sign and called it good.

We went for a cheaper option, and wandered over to a nearby park to let Bost run around for a bit.
The cute playground was themed like a ship, and Boston was loving it!
He didn't know what to do when we just let him run free...
but he warmed up to the idea quick!

I love this picture.
What cute boys I have!

He kept following random, older kids around and trying to act crazy like them.
They would run around chasing each other, 
and Bost would be ten steps behind them, squealing, and flapping his arms.
He thinks he is so big...
and it is pretty adorable!!

One of the kids was super nice and gave Boston three balloons to play with.
He was in heaven!!

We had a great time exploring Brussels a little more, 
and seeing the famous Atomium.
It is awesome that we can just hop on a tram and see something new in just a few minutes.
I love Brussels!


  1. Cute!!! I'm still trying to figure out what that little bouncey/rocking horse thing was supposed to be in the prime of its life. . . ? :D hahaha! It's had a rough life, to be sure.

  2. you guys are so cute.
    i love that boston boy. i literally said "awww" at every single picture as i scrolled through. i want to kiss his cheeks!

    and yours too. ha ha.