Forts and cheeser faces.

Hey guys. 
I pinky swear that pictures from our awesome trip are coming up soon, 
but I am still editing them, so you will have to bear with me!

In the mean time, 
I have the best husband ever. 
You know those few weeks of early pregnancy when you just, you know, 
don't want to move your body from the couch?
Well my poor little family had to deal with me like that for a while, 
and I just felt awful about it.
Poor Boston was getting so bored with my schemes to entertain him with books and 
Elmo music videos all day long so I could stay laying down.... the poor kid!

Cue the amazing husband.
On a particularly rough day for me, he decided he and Bost were going to make an awesome fort.
He dragged our mattresses and blankets onto the floor, and made a fort masterpiece.
He packed Boston's favorite books and toys into his Elmo backpack, 
and off they went to their little hideaway.

Does this picture not melt your heart??

Boston didn't know what to think at first.
I think he has a little bit of my claustrophobia-freak-out-ness in him, 
because he kept trying to escape for the first little bit.
But then he changed his mind, 
and decided it was the coolest thing ever.

And then he discovered the camera.
Okay, I don't know what clicked in his head on this day,
(because lets be honest, I am shoving a camera in his face 24/7...)
but he figured out that if he made a funny cheeser face at the camera,
we would laugh hysterically until he did it again.
Hence, this next series of pictures.
We were dying!!

I mean seriously.
We were rolling!!
He is such a little ham.

I am so lucky to have a cute little chubba boy, 
and an awesome husband who saves the day with a cool fort.
I can't get enough of those two boys!!

And for your viewing pleasure, 
I stuck in a video of Boston cheesing it.
What a crazy little monkey!

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  1. I love this Kelsey! I can't believe how much he has grown just in these last few months! He seems so old!! It blows my mind! and a fort? What a fun idea!