Christmas eve!

This year, we spent Christmas eve relaxing and mostly just hanging out on the beach.
It was pretty wonderful.
Is the beach ever not wonderful??

Jord and Whit got really into skim boarding.
They were loving it!
Whitney is a pro so she taught Jord the ropes, and he was a skim boarding fiend
by the end of the first day.
They had a blast!


I think my favorite part of our beach
(do you like how I just said "our beach" like I owned the place? Wow.)
was the AMAZING seashells.
Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen so many shells on one beach!
We spent hours walking along the shore,
collecting our favorite ones.

It was so nice to lounge in a chair, under the sun,
and listen to the ocean...
on December 24th.

Can I move to a beach yet?

Boston couldn't get enough of the beach.
We pretty much just let him roam free, and he had a blast!
He wasn't a huge fan of the whole "diapey-sand-bum" issue, 
but other than that, he was a happy camper.

Taking pictures with Aunt Syd.

I love my little stink bug!
(I don't know who he is telling off in this picture...oh well!)

(Baby belly!!)

When the sun started setting, 
we headed inside for a yummy Christmas eve dinner!
I think my favorite part of the holidays is the food.

Okay, who am I fooling?
My favorite part of any day is the food. Haha!
(But seriously.)

Here are me and my siblings before the big dinner.
And yep... I am the oldest...and the shortest. Not fair.

This lady cooks up a mean dinner!
She is such a good cook.

After dinner, we heard about a little Christmas eve party that was going on in the lobby.
We thought "What the heck? Let's give it a shot!"
We thought it would be a fun, festive night of caroling and cocoa...or something.

Boy, were we wrong.
As soon as we showed up, we saw this dude handing out punch:

Ya, I'm not sure either.
Needless to say, we didn't stick around that party for too long. 
Besides, we were excited to get to bed so Santa could come! :-)
Pictures of Christmas day, coming up next!

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  1. Looks heavenly. Your making me miss the beach. Kels, I wanted to see your cute baby bump in a swim suit! You look so cute though.