Mexico: Part dos!

I think one of my favorite parts about our vacation 
was hanging out with family in the condo and playing games at night.
We had a ton of fun!

One of my very favorite moments of the trip was during a game of catch phrase
on one of these late nights. 
It was Sydney's turn, and she was trying to get us to guess Charles Dickens.
So what is the clue she gives?
"Uhhh, he does plays and books and stuff."
...and when we weren't getting it, she yelled out in frustration,
"He wrotes Merry Christmas ones!!"
(I was loving that grammar as an English major haha)

We were cracking up!
Granted, the girl had just returned from Russia like 48 hours earlier, 
and she was still a little jet-lagged....
so I guess I will cut her some slack. 
But still, it was dang funny!

One of these nights, Jord got to open some birthday presents from my fam.
I love that guy!!

The next night, we headed into town to do a little touristy shopping. 
You've gotta love the prices in Mexico!
(and the relentless vendors...but hey, it's all part of the fun!)

Whit, you look like a model!

Bost loved walking with Aunt Syd.
He is such a big boy!
Can he stop growing up yet??

Mexico is the best.
I mean really, they have everything you need.

Haha. This sign was killing me!

Bost got a little jealous when daddy got to try on a sweeeeet sombrero.
The thing was massive.

As we were finishing up shopping, there was the most gorgeous sunset over the water.
There is something about the ocean that makes everything seem magical.
It was so pretty--
I was dying!!

We ate at a yummy restauraunt right on the pier.
It was so yummy!
(The fish tacos were to die for... I kind of want one right now.)
It made our whole night when a band came over and serenaded us with "Feliz Navidad."
It was perfect!

We loved the little street we found so much that we went back 
a couple of nights later to do some more shopping/ eating.
We caught another amazing sunset, 
and had another super yummy Mexican meal!
I'm pretty sure I could eat Mexican food every day, three times a day, 
and still not get sick of it.
(For real though!)


I love these crazy siblings of mine.
And their matching leatherish jackets.
High rollerrrrss.

And have I mentioned that I love this guy?
Just making sure.

Don't worry...
more Mexico pictures are on their way!
(I know you were worried)

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