The last bits of Mexico...

Well folks, this is the last of the Mexico posts. Sad day!
But I have sooooo much catching up to do with other posts...
hopefully it will keep this blog going for a while!

On our last couple of days in Mexico, we soaked up all of the sun that we could. 
My family started up a game of beach volleyball, 
and Boston was all in!
The little man thinks he is a big kid, 
so he got a little ticked when we had to drag him off the 'court' so the real game could start. 

I decided to skip the volleyball tournament and relax on the beach.
For some reason diving in the sand for the ball...
with a big pregnant belly...
just didn't sound too appealing to me. :-)

Look at this body builder of a brother I have.

On our last day at the resort, we got all fancied up to take some family pics on the beach.
Hopefully they turn out cute!
(I will post them when they are done being edited!)
In the mean time, here are a few candid shots...

These guys are my favorite boys in the whole world.
Have I mentioned that?

We were SO sad to be leaving this beautiful place.
I mean, look at it!!

We got all packed up, in the car, and ready to go home, 
when we discovered upon check-out that we had a random giant credit on our account 
at the resort that we had to use up asap.
So we did what any normal family would do...
we headed down to the beach-side restaurant and blew it all on yummy food!

Another virgin strawberry daiquiri? 
Don't mind if I do!

Boston loves his Aunt Whitty bit!
Don't worry that he threw half of the food on his tray to the seagulls.
Lets just say the other people at the restaurant weren't thrilled when
the birds were suddenly swarming the place...and trying to eat everyone's food.

Have I mentioned that my siblings are a little deranged?

I still love them, though.
They keep us entertained!

My parents both ordered the fresh shrimp, and holy cow.
Those puppies were huge!!
You can see in the picture below, but one shrimp was almost the size of a coke can.
They were giant, and soooooo delicious.

After we had filled our bellies to the brim, 
and Boston had gotten most of his wiggles out, 
we loaded everyone back in the car again to head off.

On the way back home, 
we made another pit stop in Arizona to visit the cousins one last time.
The Arizona weather was like a dream.
Shorts and flip flops....in December??
Yes please!

Boston had a blast playing basketball outside with daddy.
Watching these two play together melts my heart every time!

"Uhhh, mom? I'm trying to play some B-ball here.
 Could you take it easy with the picture-taking?"

Well there you have it, guys...
The Mexico posts are complete!
Stay tuned for pictures of the rest of our holiday fun in Utah.

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