Random Christmas fun!

After we got back from Mexico, 
we headed back up to Utah county for some after-Christmas parties and fun!
First stop:
Jord's parent's house, where Boston got even MORE spoiled!
Thanks for the awesome presents, Grandma and Grandpa Mac!!

Then we drove down to my grandparents' house in Spring City for 
the Gillman family Christmas party.
It is always fun to see that side of the family, 
because we are kind of spread out so we don't see each other too often.

Boston was loving all of the attention he was getting.
This picture is what I like to call "raptor baby."
What a goof!

And I love my cousin Nate's face in the background. So perfect! haha.

He got an awesome present from the gift exchange,
(thanks Lyndee!!)
and it was the envy of the party.
All of the other kids were swarming him trying to play with his awesome toy.

And then...
Sydney and Tanner got a hold of my camera.
These guys are special.
Don't believe me?
Just take a look at these beauts...

Then Jord decided to join the fun.
What a crazy husband I have!

You've gotta love these crazy people.
They keep me on my toes!

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