"I faaaw."

Boston is getting so big.
I know that every mom says that about their kid, 
but I just can't get over it!!
It is killing me.

He learns so much every day--
he is becoming a total jabberbox!
I swear he is a little parrot... he constantly mimics every word we say.
(It is kind of the cutest thing ever.)
My new favorite thing he does, though, is pretending to fall down
so that I will kiss it all better for him.
He will literally make sure I am looking, throw himself onto the floor, 
and then say 
"Momma, I faaaw."

Then he makes it a point to walk over to me,
stick out his hand, or his head, his belly, or whatever he "injured" in his fall,
and say


(translation: Kiss it better?)

I don't care if he is totally faking his injuries 99% of the time--
the boy melts my heart!
  I love my job.

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