Paris, part II (...one hundred years later)

So, remember when we lived in Belgium?
And we got to visit Paris?
It feels like a looooooong time ago, probably because it was! 
I started to post our Paris pictures here,
but then I forgot/ we moved back to America/ life got crazy
and I never finished posting them!

So if you'll forgive me, 
I am now attempting to catch up on our Europe trip...
like five months later.
Here we go!!

After we hung out at the Louvre for a bit, we headed down the 
Champs-Elysees just as the sun was setting. 
The view was incredible!

It was packed with super ritzy shops, like Prada and Louis Vuitton...
and there were tons of people!
We were starving at this point, so we had our minds set on finding some food!

After much searching, and wandering the Parisian streets in the dark,
we finally found a place that seemed family friendly-ish...
aka there wasn't escargot on the menu, and the food seemed fairly normal.
The name of the place?
The Happy Hippo.
Who could go wrong with a name like that? :-)

After dinner we headed right down the road to see the Arc de Triomphe,
and it was awesome!
It was all lit up, and it was so great to be able to see it in person.

Then we hopped on the metro and set off for our hotel, 
but we had to make another stop at the Eiffel Tower...
we just couldn't get enough of it!
It was SO breathtakingly beautiful at night when it was all lit up.

The next morning, we hit up the Eiffel Tower again for one last time
before we headed back to Brussels. 
If you couldn't tell by now, 
we were kind of obsessed with it.
If you haven't seen it in person, put in on your bucket list... and do it!!

I love this man!!

Then we made our way through the quiet streets and hopped on the metro
to go find Notre Dame.
I was obsessed with the architecture of the buildings--
it was all so quaint and perfect.

Notre Dame was SO cool!
Nothing can really compare to it--
it is just majestic and beautiful, and it was so great to actually be there.
The architecture was seriously to die for.


Of course, we had to stop for some famous Parisian crepes on the street.
We got a HUGE crepe, slathered in Nutella and bananas. Yum!!
(Too bad that it was like $8...Paris is expensive!!)

We headed over to the Centre Pompidou to relax for a bit while Boston napped, 
and caught a weird magic show that was going on outside.
There are musicians and entertainers outside the Centre Pompidou everywhere!

Our last stop in Paris before we caught our train home was Sacre Coure, 
and wow...it was so beautiful!
It is perched on a hill that overlooks all of Paris, and it is just incredible. 

Boston was SUCH a good sport through our crazy travels.
We are so lucky to have him!!

 Before we hopped on the train home, 
we grabbed a quick bite at a yummy pizza place. 
It was the perfect ending to an amazing trip!

Paris, we loved you. 
We hope to see you again someday!!

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