Kentucky, here we come!!

You guessed it...
in the fall we will be moving to

Lexington, Kentucky!

Jord got accepted into the Patterson School's
International Trade and Commerce graduate program at the University of Kentucky, 
and we couldn't be more excited!
It is a great program,
and it is a perfect fit for what Jord was searching for.

Boston made daddy a cute "Congrats" card.
He colored that baby all day long!

Whats with the Stonewall Jackson face, Bost?
We even got Jord a red velvet cake (one of his favorites!)
to celebrate!
The guy in the bakery kind of butched the writing...
so it basically looked like a five year old wrote it.
(I had my doubts from the beginning when he asked how you spelled
"Congrats"- with a "ds" or a "ts." Seriously dude??)

But hey, it was still delicious!!

I am so proud of this guy!!

We are SO very excited for this new opportunity.
We can't wait!

Hey any of you that have experience in Kentucky...
any words of wisdom for us on
moving there
areas to live in/ around
things to do/ not to do??

We would love any tips!!


  1. Hi Kelsey. We were on the same editorial board in ENG 314 last year. Congratulations! My husband is from Lexington and we went to UK after he graduated from Ricks many years ago. We have two Kentucky kids and we love it there! We still have lots of family there and I can give you my sister-in-law's phone number if you want the Lexington low-down. It's a fun place to live and there's lots to see and do. The church is awesome and the people are so nice! And I must warn you, once a UK fan, always a UK fan. :o)

  2. how exciting! we grew up in indiana right across the ohio river from kentucky!! you'll love the midwest. summers are hot and humid, but it is green and gorgeous! i know several people who have moved to lexington and love it! louisville is fun to visit and i think it's like an hour from lexington. i don't really have any advice except for get ready for a change of culture! :]

  3. congrats, you guys! Love following your adventures around! :D