Big news...

All right folks, 
we have some exciting news...
I'm pregnant!
...Just kidding.
(I mean I am, but if you couldn't already tell that by my huge belly...
 I am a little worried!)

The real exciting news is that we have officially decided on a grad school!
I am SO proud of Jord.
He worked so incredibly hard, and he was accepted into his top grad school picks.
After much thought, prayer, and deliberation,
we have decided where we will be going in the fall.
We could not be more excited!!

Keeping in theme with our guessing posts
I'm going to throw out some clues, 
and we want to hear your guesses!
Where do you think we will be living in the fall? 



 Cast your votes! 


  1. In fact, Louisville to be more specific

  2. Louisville?? If so, that's where Chad and I are! You need to come move into our ward.. :)