College Grads!!

Well folks, we did it! 
Jord and I graduated this weekend, and somehow we even managed to 
both graduate Magna Cum Lade. 
(How did that happen??)
I have to say, it feels pretty awesome do be done!
All of those late nights, lengthy papers, literary analyses, tests, and moments of stress
are completely worth it when you are walking across the stage as a graduate. 
I most definitely cried after I walked.
I'm nine months pregnant...don't judge! :-)

We did an impromptu pre-graduation photo shoot in the parking lot
so that Boston could be in some of the pictures.
We left him home with a babysitter for the actual ceremony...
we figured he wouldn't enjoy that too much! 
(Thanks Duffys!!)

Baby bump!

We were so lucky to have our parents come and support us.
It was so fun to have them here for our big day!
We just love them.

Don't mind my squinty eye...

Annnnnd here I am in all of my nine-month-pregant-graduation-tent glory.
(and Boston's little head, too.)
Whoop whoop!

We got to walk together in the actual ceremony, and it was awesome!
It was so fun to reach such a long awaited accomplishment together.

We had an awesome cheering section! 

I don't think we were ever looking at the camera at the same time.
Oh well!

We couldn't have made it to where we are without our parents.
Thank you, Macs and Gillmans, for your love and support through the years!!

We were cracking up that they gave us empty diploma covers.
All of that work...for a stinking cover??

I love this man!!
I'm so proud of him, and I'm so lucky that he has been so supportive to me too!

Also, a big thank you to baby #2 in my tummy
for hanging in there so I could graduate!
I didn't always know if I would make it to graduation still pregnant, 
but I am SO glad everything worked out.

Hey guys, we are graduated.
Done with BYU-Idaho forever.
It is the strangest feeling to be moving into a new stage of life,
but it is so exciting!

A new baby coming soon,
a move to Kentucky in the fall,
the beginning of Grad School for Jord...
so many exciting things are in store.
We are so blessed!!

Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported us
in our journey to graduate. 
We appreciate you all so much!!

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  1. kels!! you are the cutest 9 month pregnant woman ever! :) especially in a grad gown. Way to graduate while being a wife and mom. What a tough road, but you did it! woo woo! MIss you! let's play before you move!!