What we do when we are homework-less.

Remember how we graduated?
Well, now we are getting used to not having school,
and it is kind of the weirdest thing ever.
Think about it--
you go to school for your whole life,
and then one day, you're done.
No more stressing about group projects or papers or homework.
To be honest, it is kind of unnerving!
I am slowly getting used to it, but being completely free of school is a weird feeling.

As hard as it is to slow down for a second with no school,
we are absolutely LOVING our evenings together.
We can spend time together, 
and not worry about juggling the child and homework, 
and it is glorious!!

This is what one of our homework-less nights looks like.

Step 1: Go to the pool and play for about fifteen minutes...
until you realize the pool is too frigid to hang out in.

"Uh, mom? Stop kissing my face."

"Hey guys? I'm cold."

 Step 2: Go to the gym and shoot some hoops,
while pregnant mommy sits on the sidelines and bombards you with pictures.
(I'm telling you, this kid can NEVER have enough basketball!)

Step 3: Go to Jamba to end the night,
and drink all of your parents' smoothies. Yummmmmm.

Heres to more fun nights like this one!
...at least until baby brother gets here. :-)

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