Rigby lake.

Sometimes, I just get this feeling like "I NEED TO GO TO THE BEACH."
But then I realize, hey, we're poor.
and shoot, we're in Idaho.

So we find the next best thing, which is Rigby Lake.
It is about a fifteen minute drive out of Rexburg, and it is the place to be in the summer, apparently.
When we showed up one Saturday, the beach was packed!!
I guess it was a day of festivities to celebrate the upcoming fourth of July,
so it was bustling.
(...bustling. What a weird word.)

Luckily some random strangers let us borrow their pop-up shade canopy until their family got there.
They basically saved us from two dehydrated children and some mean sun burns...
because guys, it was hotter than Hades.

Boston was totally digging the beach.

(...see what I did there?)

Another "Hey Bost, look up for a picture 1 2 3!" fail.

We bought him this cute little bucket and shovel kit, 
but the second he spotted a nasty chewed on Wendy's spoon...just floating in the water...
he was smitten with it.
The bucket was long forgotten and abandoned.
I know.
Toddlers these days.

Our friends Gregg and Mackenzie came to hang out,
and Boston was obsessed with them.
It probably helped that they immediately gave him an otter pop upon their arrival.
That boy is a sucker for sugar!

Gregg, just so you know, every time we pass the lake now Boston yells out


I think he likes you.

These goobs have been BFF's since high school. I love it.

Thanks for the great day, Rigby Lake!
You're no Pacific Beach...

but that'll do, pig.
That'll do.

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