Montana, part I.

So, vacations. [dramatic sigh] I think they should happen every other week. Do we all agree on this? There's something about swimming everyday, going to bed after midnight for seven days straight, and eating thirteen pounds of junk food that is just good for the souuuuull. You know. That vacation therapy business. It's a thing!

So when the McMurtrey family invited us to go to Montana with them for a week before we moved, we were packed and ready to go in thirty seconds flat.


I kid, I kid.

Have you guys ever vacationed with children? And remembered everything you needed? And kept your sanity? And packed in less than two and a half days? Not possible, my friends. Not possible.

But hey. Once the child folk are strapped into their car seats, and all pieces of luggage and caffeinated beverages are accounted for, and you're "hitting the road jack," as they say, then all is good.

Anyways. Wow. That was a small tangent. But we're back. And Montana! Hey! You are amazingly wide-open-space-like and exceptionally beautiful, old pal! With your gigantic fields and ocean skies, your teeny and creepy (but awesome) mining towns, your silver lakes, and most importantly, your lack of sales tax (why does that make everything feel $50 cheaper?)...and,  where was I going with this? Oh ya. You're a cool state.

And now for a hundred pictures of our arrival in the big sky country.

[and this is only the beginning, people! Buckle up.]

^^ "Bye paaaaaaaaark. See YATER!" ^^

And a thousand more photos soon.
But probably not tomorrow.
Because guys, we are STILL moving our junk from one place to another. I know.
(The madness never ends!)

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