Whoa, I have a blog?


(Awkward silence)

So it's been a while, wouldn't you say?! I know. I've missed you too. Let me just tell you a story that will explain everything about my absence called "We moved to Kentucky and proceeded to wait for 50 years for the internet people to show up at our house to connect our wifi."

Actually, I don't want to tell it. It was sad and long, and I'm so over it. It was a terrible time. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I almost died from lack of internet. Uh-huh... it was that bad. (Hash tag firstworldprobz.)

But whoop to the whoop! WE HAVE INTERNET AGAIN. Which means that if I want to check my e-mail or pop onto facebook or blog or do anything of the internet matter (the possibilities!) I won't have to traipse over to Starbucks and borrow their internet in a secluded corner and hear awkward stories about bad dates from fellow starbucks-goers (boooo). Oh internet in my home, how I love you. Really I do. Muah.

Anyways, I have so so so much to catch up on. But for now, I will just tell you one thing:

I love this place.

Kentucky is beautiful, the people are wonderful, and it is 100% where we are supposed to be. We have been so extremely blessed already by making the choice to come here- I can't even say. I find myself being overwhelmed again and again with the sincerity and kindness of people here. It is incredible.

We are so BLESSED. The church is true. And my family can be together forever. Isn't life the best!?

And now, for some random phone photos until I get my life organized enough to have order or sense in my blog posts. (Wait, did they ever?)

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