Here’s the thing about moving:


Hopefully that isn’t news to anybody, because hey, you should know this by now. 

I guess maybe I was hoping that this time around, it would be suddenly like “Oh my gosh! Would you look at that! The boxes packed themselves! And honey, don’t mind getting a U-Haul and emptying our savings to drive it across the country- looks like our stuff a;ready teleported to our new home. How great for us!”

But boo. That didn’t happen.

After being apart for several loooooong days, with Jordan driving our belongings out to Kentucky, with his family (THANK YOU FAMILY!), and me flying out with my babies and mother (THANK YOU MOTHER!), and dozens of moments of pure chaos in between….[picture two women running through airports with two babies, a double stroller, a giant carseat, twelve sippy cups, three bags of goldfish, and carry-ons out the wazoo]... we are finally together as a family again. Together. [insert giant sigh of relief.] It is a great thing! 

We searched high and low for a place to call home the moment we got to Lexington. Luckily, some friends let us stay in their place (THANK YOU FRIENDS!) while we searched, and wow. What a BLESSING for us. We looked for a home, day after day, and we thought we might never find anything that would be in our budget, in the area we wanted, and have the amenities that we needed. We were pulling our hair out a little bit. And praying A LOT. 

And then a miracle happened. 

We were touring [yet another] potential place to live the day before my mom/aka world’s best babysitter left for Utah. We were feeling pretty depressed and tired and loopy and lost, and well, past the point of READY to find a blooming house. The place we were looking at just didn’t feel right,so we hopped into the car to head out again. And we just kind of sat there, trying to get pumped for more house-searching.

And then! Suddenly! We saw a teeny-tiny ‘For Rent’ sign on a door nearby, with a phone number on it.
So we said-what the heck? And we called.

From the minute we stepped inside, we knew it was the place. Choruses of "Hallelujah" could be heard for miles. But seriously. It had everything we needed, for a price that we could do, from a landlord that we would love working with. Whoop whoop to the wickee wickee.

It was a miracle, it really was.

Two hours later, the contract was signed, and the deposit was down. We were ecstatic. We were relieved. And we were STARVING. We celebrated that night with a whole lotta’ Smash Burger. 

I am so beyond excited to get moved in, and start to make it feel like ours. It is perfect for us. And wow! Such a testimony builder to know that Heavenly Father knows what we need. He is looking out for us! He is guiding us constantly, and if we're patient, he will bless us!! How amazing. The Church is true, people!!

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  1. Kels, I teared up reading this and I'm not really sure why I was emotional reading about a rental haha But I'm grateful that Heavenly Father was looking out for you guys and that you found the perfect spot. Love you guys- hidey hidey happy home finding to you!!