Reunions and water slides and a hundred more pictures.

Sometimes I feel like I have precisely one zillion photos to share, and I say "Who even wants to see these things?" But then I remember that exactly 99 percent of those photos are of my chubby posterity. And hey! They're cute. So probably people want to see those.


So yeah. The McMurtrey family had a reunion in Blackfoot, Idaho. It was a lot of fun! It was in a ginormous backyard of an aunt, who kindly provided a thousand pounds of yummy food and all sorts of water activities for the kiddos. (Which Boston avoided at all costs, of course. I mean really, child.) Also, a word about Blackfoot: farmland slash farm animal poo poo happens in every which way. Kind of nast. Oh Idaho!

But that's beside the point.

I met people in Jordan's family from all over the place, and did a terrible job at remembering who was in which family, or which child belonged where. (I did remember who my own children were, so gold star on that one.) I'm so glad I got to meet everyone, though. How great is family??  

"DIS way momma!"

Boston had a blast sitting at the kid table with other tiny humans. Pretty cute ones, too, named Bentlee and Titan. He was like "Hey fun! Just my size! Guess I will eat all of my food and love it and not throw it all over my mom!" Score.

Then also, he suddenly felt like the king of the mountain when he finished his food. Thus, the adorable hands in the air [singing aaaaa---ooooohhh] moment captured below. 

Oh and look! The boy Boston! He is standing close-ish to the water! Praise praise.

They had a cute little rubber duck race, how fun! It involved absolutely NO cheating. People weren't chucking their ducks in front of the others to win. Not the adults, or anything. No way, no how.

And now for a letter to Jordan from me, his wife of three years and a summer:

Hey husband of mine. I miss you right now, seeing as you're in Ken-tuck-aaaay and I'm here. On a couch in the Beehive state. Writing a blog post filled with way too many pictures. Boo. But hey look! Here's a picture of you!

Dramatic sigh.

love, me.


After we each ate an entire barbequed chicken (no exaggeration) (I never exaggerate, remember?), they strapped a hose to the slide to create endless water fun for adults and children alike. Except Boston, of course.

Jord threw him over his shoulder and basically forced him to go down the slide...kicking and screaming. The child was terrified.

After one ride down, he took off his soggy pants and called it a day. Jord, on the other hand, went down approximately thirteen more times with the other full-grown men. Those guys.

"Momma, no yike it sliiiiiiide!" I know child, I know.

Boston opted for this awesome...uh...spinny thing... instead. I think he made "Papa Mac" barf a little bit by forcing him to run around it at least a hundred times. What a good sport, that grandpa of his.

And Cam? He partied in the hammock with uncle Trey. He loves hammocks. He told me so. Which is great with me, because hey! Our other kid sleeps in a tent. So why should it be weird to let this one sleep in a hammock? No weirdness at all.

And lo, the reunion came to a close.
We waved our goodbyes,

then we went to Chik-fil-A. 
The end.

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