When people hear that Boston is two, they usually don't believe us.

"Just two?" they ask.
"But he is HUGE!"

Uh, ya. We know. The child has been over twenty pounds and had a full head of hair since, well, basically birth. He has always been a chunker baby, and I looooooove it. More cheek to kiss? More leg to munch on? More wrist chub?? YES. Come to me.

So when Boston had his second birthday (...back in July...), there was confusion all around. He got cards from great-grandparents saying things like "Can't believe you are THREE already!" and "What a darling THREE year old!" Bless their hearts. He is just two, folks. Despite his gigantic size. And full-head-of-haired-ness. And fairly impressive vocabulary. Just two.

Okay. So the celebration!

Let me be honest for a tiny sec. This year, the celebration was very minimal. We were in the middle of moving across the country, so 3/4ths of our house was in boxes. We wanted to party like animals, but you know. Sometimes you just gotta take it easy and focus on surviving in chaos.

We took the birthday boy to Red Robin for dinner in Idaho Falls, and we even had Aunt Talyn there to celebrate with us! What a party.

This picture. Are you not cracking up??

The servers brought out a giant Sunday for Bost, sang, and clapped their hearts out for him. He was in between crying and laughing during the whole experience. 

Like, "Am I okay with this? With these strangers invading my bubble and clapping in my face??"

It was traumatic for the poor guy. But then he took one bite of the ice cream, and got over it.

After dinner, we planned to take Bost mini-golfing, because you know. That's his obsession at the moment. So we plugged the mini-golf place into the gps....and it lead us to a creepy corn field in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. Boo.

So ya. plan B. We headed back up to Rexburg and went mini-golfing at the glow in the dark course at Fat Cats. Boston was like "Yaaaaaaay! Golsh!" ...and then he saw that it was in the dark. With creepy skeletons and pirate ships. And he wasn't so sure. (actually he was terrified. But he warmed up to it!...by the ninth hole)

Blurry....but stinking cute!! (STOOOPID CAMERA. BOO)

After the traumatic singing-clapping-birthday-song-and-scary-golf-experience, we figured it was time to give the poor birthday boy a break. And some presents. He got some cars, a giant iron man figurine (which he carries everrryyywherrreee now), a baby iron man figurine (you can never have too many iron men, you know), and a sweet motorcycle. He loved it!

And now, a letter to the birthday boy. Because of course!

Boston boy,

Guess what. We love you SO much!!

We are so glad you are in our family! We love your hilarious personality and obsession with sports. You are the cutest, little man. You and your big ol' two year self. We love you. We are grateful for your sweet spirit. Thanks for putting up with your crazy parents, and being such a big help with Cam.  He is lucky to have a big brother like you. You are our favorite firstborn.

Happy two years to you!


mom and dad

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