The last bits of Montana (part III)

We had such a fun time in Montana with the Mac family. Wanna see more pictures? Okay, okay. You got it, kid. This is the last of 'em!

We did tons of swimming in the awesome pool at our condo. The water was like, perfect bath water temp. Glorious. And whallah! Boston mysteriously got over his fear of swimming slash all things wet. FINALLY. You guys, he even went down the slide. FIVE TIMES.

I know. Who is this sudden brave-spirited soul? And where did my timid I-will-only-look-at-the-water-but-never-play-in-it boy go?? Whatever happened, I am good with it. Sooooo good with it.


Our condo was perched right on the golf course. Boston basically woke up every morning, demanded a waffle, and spent the rest of the day out putting with grandpa and daddy. The boy was in golf heaven

Or, in Boston's terms, "golsh." And I'll tell you what, from a totally un-biased-parental perspective, the child is really actually good at golf. I know! What two year old loves to golf?? I kind of love it.

At one point, I was putting Boston to bed and I said "I love yooouuuuu," like always. Then as I'm walking out the door, I hear Boston say,

"I love yooouuuuu. I love gollllllf."


Uhh, whatcha doing there, kid?

One day we went to Gem mountain and panned for sapphires.
And Jord found a gold nugget as big as his thumb-- we struck it rich!! Student loan debt, you are no longer.

Just kidding. I wish. Ohhhh, do I wish.

But hey! We had a really fun time looking for gems and feeling like legit miners.

Yo, lady in the back. You uh, photobombed us with your butt.

We were all starving afterwards, so we went to a cute little diner in Philipsburg. Why are greasy hamburgers and onion rings so stinking good?? Why. I get on these kicks where I try and eat suuuuper healthy and only leafy greans and soy milk....then I remember, wait, I love greasy food and chocolate covered marshmallows and cookie butter.

And my healthy-eating resolves go right down the drain. Whoops.

After lunch we hopped across the street to the largest candy store in Montana. (Uh...speaking of healthy eating. Mlerp.) It was amazing. The biggest buckets and buckets of candy your eyes have ever beheld, for miles and miles. And cotton candy clouds. And sugarplum fairies. (too much?)

 It was like, you walk through the doors, and BOOM. You have a cavity. (Jim Gaffigan, anyone?)

Of course, Boston went straight for the "ball" candy.

Boston could only handle being surrounded by candy for about five minutes. Aka, I kicked him out of the store so he wouldn't destroy the place. That kid does not need any more sugar. Bah!

So Jord took the babies outside while I filled bags full of chocolates and fudge and peachie-oh's and other things that would later send us into a sugar coma. Perfection.

We were in Montana the week before Boston's second birthday, so grandma and grandpa Mac spoiled him with this cute little four-wheeler for an early present. He was obsessed (and still is!). He loves anything with "Coo wheeeeeels."

And then, back to golfing. Because, duh.

And Cam was just as happy as ever, hanging out in the shade with grandma. I don't know what mold this happy baby came from, but okay! Send me five more of these kind, please. I'll take the smiley, fat ones anytime. Seriously. Camden! You rock.

Thank you SO SO much for the Montana adventure, Mac family!! We had the greatest time. And now Boston wants to live on a golf course (and so does his dad, but that's old news).

We love you guys! Now, come visit us in Kentucky!

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