Evans Orchard

A couple of weekends ago, when it started to get, I don't know, particularly Fallish? We thought we would hit up a pumpkin patch. So we put long pants on, packed jackets in the car, and geared up for a fun Fall day!

And then.

It was 85 degrees and blazing. What?!?  Apparently we aren't used to Fall in warmer parts of the country. But hey, whatever! I will SO TAKE IT. I love Kentucky. Like so so much. I think I may have mentioned that before? But I'm not sure. So, Muah. Kentucky. You're my crush.

Anyways. We went to Evans Orchard in Georgetown, about 20 minutes away. It was the cutest place I have ever seen. A magical pumpkin / apple / hayride fairyland of sorts. Totes adorbs. (too much?)

Side note: We were on the freeway and I remembered that crap! I left my camera at home! Dag nabbit! (How do you even spell dag nabbit?) But then I remembered that my phone camera actually takes way better pictures than my regular camera, 99 percent of the time. So we were good.

And so. 100 phone pictures. Of pumpkins! And apples! And stinking cute children!

Boston was obsessed with the tractor-riding station. He tried to take one home.
He was kind of ticked off that the tractor wasn't an automatic, though. He kept grabbing the wheel saying,
"Go, car! Go!"
Sorry buddy, fourteen more years til you get the keys to anything with an real engine.

^^THIS BOY. I love him.^^

I don't know who had more fun on the giant slides. Me and Jordan, or Bost.
We were flying down those things!!

Do you ever have moments where you look at your child and you think, "He is a real boy!? When did this happen??" You know, like not a baby anymore. But a BOY. A kid. An individual.

 Like a full-grown boy that walks and talks and sasses you and plays pretend and gives you loves and wants to pick out his own clothes and says things like "Boston yikes farm, momma! So fun!"


I hate how kids have to grow up. And love it at the same time. Motherhood is weird like that.

And now. I give you, the greatest series of pictures in the history of Boston.
But seriously.


This was another favorite activity. Playing with the rubber ducks in the water. He could have done it for hours and hours!! He was covered in mud by the time he was done....and so was I... but hey. It was fun!

^^Heart melter.^^

I think by the time we got to the petting zoo area, Boston was a little bit hot and a lotta bit hungry. He was kind of an grinch-meister. Five minutes in, and he was SO over those goats.

^^See what I mean?^^

^^Why does this goat make me laugh so much?^^

^^Hot husband award.^^

The orchard was filled with tons and tons of different kinds of apples. Boston thought it was the coolest thing ever. He kept picking them up off the ground, saying "Momma, yook! Yummy BIIIG appo!"

We didn't end up buying any apples. I don't really know why. Instead, we chose a much healthier option:
SUGARED APPLE CIDER DONUTS. Ya. I don't have any remorse about that decision either. They were the bomb.

Donuts and a hayride. What more could a guy want?
Also, I think my babies are cute. Are you sick of hearing that yet?

Well, Evans Orchard, you didn't disappoint. 
Happy Fall, folks!


  1. This was so stinkin' cute! I'm super jealous of your orchard fun. They had so many cute and creative activities! Also-- that picture of Boston being "so over the goats" made me laugh out loud. What a face! And, yes, your babies are cute. And I'm not sick of hearing or seeing them; so keep it up, yo.

  2. That slide looks like it would hurt your bum!!