Aunt Syd and Grandpa Chub: part uno!

We were so excited that my sister Sydney and my dad were able to come up for Boston's birthday
The best part was that they came a couple of days early,
so we got to hang out with them for the the whole weekend!
We loved having them here.

Boston loved playing with his crazy aunt Sydney.
He will miss her when she goes to Russia to teach English!
(You go girl! Whoop whoop!)
I am loving the pig nose picture. So classy, Syd!
Boston looooved playing with Grandpa Chub too.
I think grandpa was pretty happy that Boston is obsessed with playing ball already.
After all, grandpa has been playing fast pitch his whole life, 
and I don't think he is giving it up anytime soon! :-)

I love the top left picture. Totally myspace-esque.
 We went out for pizza one night they were here.
I won't lie to you--
I could probably eat pizza every day.
It is a wee bit of a problem.
Jord always makes fun of me for it, but I can't get enough of the cheesy goodness.
Sometimes we have conversations that go like this:

Jord: what sounds good for dinner?
me: uh, we could grab a pizza.
Jord: again?
me: what? we had one like a week ago...that's a long time ago.
Jord: ok, you can get pizza, but can I get something else?

My poor husband.

Boston is a boy after my own heart.
He loooves pizza.
We tried to feed him baby food to keep him occupied while we ate, 
but the second he saw our pizza...
he wouldn't have it.
He wanted the good stuff!
(and I don't blame him...have you seen baby peas?? Blek.)

He was loving the constant attention.
Its always a little rough when family goes home after visiting,
because then he has to adjust to playing on his own again.
Its a rough life, being a baby.

I love his face in the top right. So wide-eyed and perfect.

He loves it when family comes to visit.
Can you tell?

[More pictures from their visit, coming up soon!]


  1. He is such a little man! I can't wait to get Boston and Matix together. Matix is going to love him!!

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